Terms of Service

Please make sure to read everything before commissioning me.

1. By orderng a commission from me, you are agreeing to the terms of service below. 

2. I, the artist, am not responsible the client fails to read the given Terms of Service provided.

3. Commissioner is to acknowledged this is a paid service for a digital product or goods. No physical products are shipped.

4. Payment can be 100% refunded if the commission process has not started.

Payment can only be refunded for 50 % if the commission process has started
5. I have the right to decline your commission offer if I don't feel comfortable.

6. Commissions are for non-commercial and personal use only. 

Using my artwork for merchandising is prohibited unless beforehand discussed.

If you would like to use it for commercial use please reach out to me for a quote. ​

7. MysticalScribbles receives rights to claim 100% of any unauthorised profits made off from the artwork use.

8. For full commercial rights, you'll have to pay an extra +50€.

9. PLEASE do not copy, trace, redistribute or use my work without permission.

10. DO NOT alter the artwork itself without my consent, as it'd be copyright infringment. 

• Commissions are first come, first served. You can check the queue HERE

• Prices are subject to change based on demand.

• More information about each commission can be found in their respective pages on this website.

• Do not spam and please be patient.

• If for whatever reason you want to cancel your order, please let me know ASAP.


 Payments can be done through paypal, an invoice (Dutch only) or through Etsy

• Upfront full payment only. I won't start the commission if I haven't received the full payment.

• The estimated commission time will vary depending on the complexity of it. Please be patient when you

haven't received a sketch yet. You can check the waiting list to see what I am working on

• WIPs and sketches will be provided during the commission.

• Revisions are free unless too many changes are requested or I have to redraw a whole sketch.

It might result in additional fees to compensate for my time.

• After the commission is done any major changes will also cost extra

Contact me HERE


✔ Illustrations, icons and logos

✔ Emotes/Badges/Twitch related graphics

✔ Original Characters

✔ Fanart

✔ Kenomimi (animal ears/tail)

✔ Landscapes/Environments


✖ Gore


✖ Mecha

✖ Furry