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Let me know what I can make for you today!

Would you like a drawing of yourself for social media or a drawing of you and your partner as a gift. I got you covered. 

You can use the contact form below or email to info@mysticalscribbles.com to request a commission.


You can find info and examples below!



The style you see in the examples it the style I draw in



Payments are through an invoice for people from the Netherlands and PayPal for the rest of the world.

To cover the PayPal fees, PayPal users will have to pay 5% of the final price extra. Prices are in Euro


You can also order a commission via my Etsy store to make it easier:




If you are interested you can email me at info@mysticalscribbles.com or use the contact form below.

Through email we will discuss your idea and the price. 

The intention is that you will pay full price before I start working on the commission.

You can receive a refund of 25% of the price if you don't want the final illustration.

When I start with the commission I will update you when I have a sketch, lineart with base colors and

again when the final illustration is finished. It is possible to request more updates.

The final illustration will be a PNG file of the size you wanted and 300dpi

I will send the final illustration to your email and/or to your home address if you desire a print of the illustration.

This will cost extra. Also keep in mind that A4 is the biggest size that can be printed at the moment!

You can also get stickers of your commission


What you can request

You can get a commission of yourself, someone else or fanart of a character that you like

You request a drawing for multiple people. All in one canvas or seperate

A drawing of yourself as a mythical creature is also a possibility

I also do environments, simple logos and website banners



The commissions are for personal use only(no selling the designs, website promotion are fine), unless we decided something else

Please credit me if you decide to put the image on the internet.



Email to info@mysticalscribbles.com or use the contact form below

Standard Commission

This is a custom illustration for one person with a simple background (like the first image).



  • Bust: €35,-
  • Half Body: €50,-
  • Full Body: €75,-


You can also request a more complicated background like in the second example. The price for complicated backgrounds starts at €30,- 

I also draw animals. The price depends on the animal. You can message me for the price.

More people

If you would like more people in your commission you can tell me in the email or contact form. I will let you know what the price will be for multiple characters.

It will probably be the amount of characters times the standard price. So two half body characters will be €100,-


Avatar/Logo Commission

This is a cute custom avatar/logo commission. These illustrations can be used for things social media, website or Twitch.



  • Logo: €25,-


If you would like a banner, twitch emotes or something else you can always message me for questions.