• Custom Art•

Let me know what I can make for you today!

Would you like a drawing of yourself for social media or a drawing of you and your partner as a gift. I got you covered. 

You can message me at info@mysticalscribbles.com or check out my Etsy page about commissions


Some examples:

Standard Commission

These are custom illustration for one or more people with a simple background


Price per person:

  • Bust: €35,-
  • Half Body: €50,-
  • Full Body: €75,-


You can also request a drawing of your pet. The price starts at €25,-. The price depends in the size and complexity of the pet/animal.


You can also request a more complicated background like in the full body example. The price for complicated backgrounds starts at €30,- 


Avatar/Logo Commission

This is a cute custom avatar/logo commission. These illustrations can be used for things social media, website or Twitch.

This commission includes one character with a simple background like in the examples.



  • Logo: €25,-


If you would like a banner, twitch emotes or something else you can always message me for questions or check out this link: