July Update

Published on 2 August 2022 at 12:07

Hello There!

It's time for the July update. Hope you enjoy!

Art of the Month

I want to start including my favorite artwork I made in the month of the newsletter. This month I am really proud of this artwork:

"The Bus Stop"

I am really happy with the colors, lighting and compositions. It's making me excited to continue this series with this character or make more artwork that tells a story and not just another character standing there. Although those art still fun to create.

I think this is going to be a new goal. Draw at least one illustration like this in a month. This way I will also improve with drawing backgrounds, because they can difficult and a pain in the ass.


The new thing I learned this month is making a vtuber model. There are online entertainer that use a digitally drawn character instead of a webcam. These model are drawn digitally and rigged so that respond to your movement using motion capture.

The process of making the art and rigging it in a program called Live2d cubism takes a lot of time. I decided to make one myself, because having a character move like other models do sounded cool to be. 

I started with the art. Because everything on the models needs to be rigged you have to draw all the elements on seperate layers. This took some time, but I eventually figured it out.

After the art was done, I took the model and worked on it in live2d cubism. This process took around two weeks. I used a lot of youtube videos to figure everything out. Even though it took a lot of time and was very tedious at time, I still enjoyed it a lot.

Here she is all done for now: 

Afro Adventure

For two years now I have been making weekly webcomics. It's called "Afro Adventures". It has been a fun journey, but I have decided to stop posting them weekly. It's burning me out a bit and sometimes I don't enjoy working on them. They feel more like a chore.

I want to focus on other projects. Put my creativity in there for now. Maybe even make a comic with a bigger story, like a graphic novel. Who knows what the future has in store.

I hope you enjoyed this months update!




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